How to record a game

  1. BEFORE the game starts, click "Record Game".

    If War2BNE InSight successfully prepared Warcraft II BNE for game recording, the dialog "Record game status" saying "Ready to record your next game." will appear, otherwise an error message will pop up. For more information on possible errors, see Error Messages.
    If no error occurred War2BNE InSight will automatically start recording, as soon as your next game starts.

  2. Play the game.

    War2BNE InSight will now record your game in the background and the "Record game status" dialog will say "Recording your current game.". Additionally you get an ingame message saying "[War2BNE InSight] Recording...". If War2BNE InSight fails to record your game, it stops recording and displays an error message in the status dialog. It, however, won't "alt-tab" to your desktop, so you can continue playing the game undisturbed.
    Again, for more information on possible errors, see Error Messages.

  3. After the game, if War2BNE InSight successfully recorded it, the status dialog says "Finished game recording.".
    Click "Close", if you don't want to record another game. Click "Save Replay" to save the game you just played and continue to record games.
    You can save your most recently played game until you finish playing another one. At that point your second to last replay will be discarded.
  4. You can now enter a short comment in the "Description" field, save the replay and/or view the replay.


  • War2BNE InSight CAN'T record games with computer opponents.
  • War2BNE InSight CAN'T record games, e.g. singleplayer campaign games, singleplayer custom scenario games, multiplayer direct connect games, multiplayer modem games and multiplayer ipx games.
  • War2BNE InSight CAN'T start recording in the middle of a game.
  • War2BNE InSight DOESN'T save the map, the recorded game is played on, within the replay. The map, however, is needed to view the replay of that game, so if you record a game on a non-builtin map and are going to distribute the replay, make sure you include both the map and the War2BNE InSight replay file in your mail, webpage or whatever.
  • War2BNE InSight DOESN'T record any messages the players type during the game.