What is War2BNE InSight?

War2BNE InSight records Warcraft II Battle.net Edition (version 2.02) games that you play on Battle.net and lets you view replays of these games.
Games can be recorded while you play (see How to record a game).
To view a replay, you create a special game in which War2BNE InSight controls all units leaving you in a watcher role (see How to view a replay).

War2BNE InSight is neither affiliated with nor supported by Blizzard Entertainment.
According to the Battle.net Terms of Use Agreement you may NOT use War2BNE InSight, since it is a third-party software (see Legal notes).
If you use War2BNE InSight, you use it at your own risk.

Inspired by the replay features included in Starcraft and Warcraft III I have developed War2BNE InSight to provide Warcraft II Battle.net Edition (version 2.02) with an as similar as possible replay feature (see Features).

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War2BNE InSight main window
The main window of War2BNE InSight