Legal notes

In their Terms of Use Agreement Blizzard Entertainment clearly states, that you may not "use any third-party software to modify to change game play, including, but not limited to cheats and/or hacks".

Additionally, Blizzard Entertainment announces and describes their "aggressive, zero-tolerance stance on hacks and cheats" on their page about the dangers of hacks and third party programs, from which the following excerpts (displayed italic)are taken.

"What is a hack or a third party program?:
A third party program is any program not made and distributed by Blizzard Entertainment® that can be used to modify, hack, cheat, or alter a Blizzard Entertainment® game."

My comment: War2BNE InSight is a third party program.

"What are the dangers of using hacks?:

  • They can send the program creator your CD-Key.
    • The hack creator could then use your CD-Key, thus keeping you from being able to get on the servers.
    • This person could also break the Terms Of Use and cause your CD-Key to be muted or Banned.
  • They can send the program creator your account name and password.
    • The hack creator would then have access to all your items and be able to delete your characters.
  • They can cause the user of the program to start dropping all of his/her items to the ground and then exit the game.
    • Thus allowing other users to pick up your items.
  • They can stop the game from working correctly, or make it very hard to connect to
    • They may contain Trojan horse viruses as well as back door programs that can grant hackers the ability to remove or manipulate data on your computer remotely and without your knowledge.

      We have seen many programs that once they are run, will install a program that sends your account name and password to a malicious person who can then access your account. In the case of Diablo II they can then take all your items and/or delete your characters. Common 3rd party programs that have had these types of viruses and/or programs are: map hacks, chat clients, chat bots, and non-Blizzard web sites that prompt you for your account and password."

My comment: War2BNE InSight does not perform any of the malicious activities described above or any other malicious activities.

"The use of such programs is a violation of the Terms of Use Agreement and/or our products End User License Agreements. This can result in but not limited to account closures, muting or banning of Blizzard Entertainment CD-keys."

My comment: Plain and simple. You may not use War2BNE InSight. If you use War2BNE InSight, you use it at your own risk.

"Hack and cheat programs provide an unfair advantage to their users, and they impair, devalue, and in some cases seek to ruin the gameplay experience of legitimate players."

My comment: While i think that War2BNE InSight by providing the possibility to record games and view replays to Warcraft II BNE players does not impair, devalue or ruin the gameplay experience of any player and in contrast improves the gameplay experience, users of War2BNE InSight will have an advantage over the "legitimate players", who don't use War2BNE InSight, in the long term, simply because they can review their games, analyze their gameplay and hence their skills might increase faster and more accurate than the skills of "legitimate players".
From this point of view, one of the biggest advantages of having replays in RTS-games is an unfair advantage of War2BNE InSight users over all others at the same time. Hence one could state: War2BNE InSight is a hack :/