This feature matrix shows the features of War2BNE InSight and compares it to WarVideo, Starcraft and Warcraft III:

Feature War2BNE InSight WarVideo Starcraft Warcraft III
replays games of Warcraft II BNE v2.02 Warcraft II BNE v2.02 Starcraft Warcraft III
official part of the game no no yes yes
freely navigate over the map yes no yes yes
examine units/buildings of all players yes no yes yes
see resources of all players yes yes yes yes
see the unit/building selection of a player no yes1 not sure yes
see mouse movements no yes1 no no
see chat messages no yes1 no no
pause replay no yes yes yes
increase/decrease replay speed yes yes yes yes
view replay together with other players no no yes no
fast forward/rewind no yes no no
replay file size small huge small small

1Recording player's only